High-Tech R&D Center in Munich

DOSCH&AMAND Research (DAR) is acting a high-tech R&D center in Munich/Germany, offering top class technological R&D services in the field of wireless communications to worldwide companies.

Based on customer’s requirements, DAR is focused on innovative and solutions for Smart Home with Telecare and Business COM for Small Enterprises: DECT Business Handset, DECT IP Base incl. Multicell capabilities for Small Enterprises, DECT Pendant for residential use and professional care center with PABX interoperability, cordless ATA solutions as DECT Plug for connecting analog terminals to IP networks or POS products, DECT Repeater for standard GAP products or CAT-iq networks or individual Services as data or video.

DAR is worldwide used as cooperative R&D center for DECT innovations or individual product design service. DAR offers full R&D service including Hardware: schematics, BOM selection, Layout, Gerber files for production and Software: wireless communication stack, individual product application, TQM Software for production and Test Setup and Support for CE Approval (CE mark).

All DECT Stacks and application software are originally designed D&A Software and free from rights of third parties. Therefore, DAR can grant extensive user rights and supply of Source Codes via ESCROW.


Typical Scope of Works

  •   Smart Home Solutions with DECT ULE and local/remote cloud and mobile APP
  •   DECT Pendant for professional use in care center with PABX interoperability and remote provisioning
  •   DECT Alarm or Panic Transmitter in elderly home applicances
  •   DECT Base Station with remote control provisioning, priority alert, remote diagnostics, data interface, Asterisk
  •   CPE DECT extension using SMT module or USB dongle e.g. Telecom Router with CAT-iq
  •   DECT or CAT-iq Repeater with special feature set as incoming picture all, streaming Video, Data, SUOTA, Encryption
  •   Air or Line (IEEE 1588) synchronized DECT IP multi-cell network with seamless handover and roaming
  •   PABX Business Handset with customized PABX IOP and GUI with Service Interface cordless ATA for specialised services in professional applications as elevator, PoS, customer service desk, Telefax

Basis principle of any R&D design is the compliance to existing Standards for communications, interfaces and drivers. Individual or customized specifications will be integrated without violating general interoperability aspects. Innovations and Standards are no discrepancies.

All R&D services are fully protected by NDA. On request ESCROW of all Sources Hardware and Software will be installed. ESCROW is relevant for independent R&D and Production by customer. ESCROW is subject to fee per 5 years depot under the umbrella of independent Trust&Faith Lawyer’s Group in Munich and protected Bank depot.

In case customer requests subsequent production of his individual product, DOSCH&AMAND offers such manufacturing service by DOSCH&AMAND Products and Services GmbH in China and Germany. Please see www.da-products.de or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.