DOSCH&AMAND Wireless Communications

DOSCH&AMAND is a high-tech R&D competence center with its headquarters in Munich. DOSCH&AMAND today occupies an excellent position in the international IT and telecoms market, due to top class technological services in the field of wireless communications.

DOSCH&AMAND’s ETSI Standards DPRS and DMAP have delivered a new era of reliable voice+data radio communications for residential and home office applications. The new DECT CAT-iq Standard “HD-Voice” (wideband Audio) is based on DOSCH&AMAND’s innovation “long slot transmission”.

With the development of multimedia-enabled ETSI Standards DECT DPRS and DMAP, DOSCH&AMAND signalled a new era in the mobile use of modern communications services and opened the door to a new, fascinating world of wireless home & office communications.

DOSCH&AMAND is Reference Design House for ETSI and DECT-Forum for DECT and CAT-iq.



DOSCH&AMAND has been founded in 1996 in Munich/GERMANY as R&D Laboratory for wireless indoor communications by Franz Dosch and Birgit Amand.

In 1998, after 3-years-work in feasibilities, DOSCH&AMAND has released multimedia-enabled DECT generation DPRS/DMAP (ETSI Standards EN 301649/EN301650). After ETSI standardization of DPRS/DMAP wireless connection technology, DOSCH&AMAND has revolutionized the DECT international wireless telephony standard and given real impetus to the establishing of "Wireless Multimedia Networks for Home & Office".



DOSCH & AMAND received the German Innovation Award for the development of the European DECT standard DPRS and DMAP and along with it is conferred the title "SME Company of the Year 1999".

DOSCH & AMAND receives one of the most coveted accolades, the "Innovation Award of Bavarian Economy" from the Bavarian President, Dr. Edmund Stoiber in 1998. DOSCH&AMAND is a Co-founder and Foundation Member of the "Bavarian Elite Academy" and has been awarded for innovations.